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Effective date: February 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stryke?

Stryke is a career network that integrates the interactive nature of social networking with professional recruitment strategies. It's designed to connect employers with the next generation of talent, focusing on Gen Z and young professionals.

How does Stryke differ from other job platforms?

Unlike traditional job platforms, Stryke offers a unique blend of social and professional networking. Key differentiators include a mobile-first approach, AI-driven matching for cultural fit,employee-driven recruitment, and integrated mentorship programs, all within a socially engaging interface.

Who is Stryke for?

Stryke is primarily designed for forward-thinking companies looking to connect with young professionals and Gen Z talent. It is also ideal for these job seekers who value a modern, engaging, and intuitive job search and networking experience.

How does the AI-driven matching work?

Our AI-driven matching algorithm analyzes a range of factors, including skills, work experience, and cultural preferences, to connect employers with candidates who are not just qualified but also align with the company's values and culture.

Can any employee participate in the recruitment process on Stryke?

Yes, Stryke empowers all employees to be part of the recruitment process. They can refer candidates, share job openings within their networks, and contribute to building a vibrant workplace community.

What kind of mentorship programs can be run on Stryke?

Stryke supports mentorship initiatives by allowing companies to create mentor-mentee pairings and special interest cohorts. These can be used for professional development, skill-sharing, and fostering internal networking.

Is Stryke mobile-friendly?

Absolutely. Stryke is designed with a mobile-first approach, recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility and engagement, especially for younger generations.

How does Stryke ensure the quality of candidates?

Quality is ensured through our comprehensive profiling and AI matching, which goes beyond the resume to consider a candidate's overall fit with a role and company culture.

What are the costs associated with using Stryke?

We offer various pricing plans tailored to different employer needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. Please see our pricing packages under the "for companies" tab or schedule a demo for more detailed information.

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